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Bedtime is the perfect time to get into your children’s heads, find out what is going on in their lives, and how they are feeling.

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The Pot and the Bottle

Parents, keep this perspective in mind: you are not simply raising children; you are bringing them up to become wise, independent, self-confident, happy, and responsible adults.

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A place to start teaching your children to succeed is in the area of manners and etiquette.

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Acts of Kindness

Parents should want their children to grow up to be compassionate, kind, generous, loving, respectful, helpful, and caring individuals.

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Minute 12 Character: Honesty

I laugh when I think of the day my daughters and I went to a drive-thru restaurant. We found an extra sandwich in the bag, which they did not charge us for. The girls insisted that I turn back and return it. Read More
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